Case Studies


Our customers report similar benefits when a Segway® Personal Transporter (PT) is used in a business environment. If your organization is seeking to improve employee productivity and response time, maximize your workforce and reduce their fatigue, the Segway® PT is a proven solution. 


The Segway® PT is a natural fit for patrol applications, which often include local and municipal police and commercial security environments. It's the productivity tool for faster response time, greater officer visibility and maneuverability, and fatigue reduction, enabling officers to perform their daily routine more efficiently.

Commercial applications boast increases in employee productivity, visibility, and efficiency, while using cost-effective technology that reduces fuel dependency and heavy maintenance expenses. Your bottom line is already looking better. 


Learn more about the many ways real-world police, government, businesses and individuals alike are using the Segway® PT to enhance their daily activities by clicking on the Case Studies below:

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