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Net Scooter Solution
Designated pick-up & drop-off locations (Parking) can be located in the App.
Net Scooter Rental Rates:

• Connection fee: $1.00

• Per minute: $0.25

Per hour
: $15.00

 4 hours: $60.00

 8 hours: Special discounts coming soon.

 24 hours: Special discounts coming soon.

For more information, call 902-880-6630.

Scooter Safety Tips:

• Wear a helmet. Protect your brain, you only get one.

• Watch out for pedestrians! You’re sharing the sidewalks with people that will get really hurt if you smash into them, especially at faster speeds.

 Go slowly through crosswalks. Use caution.
 Always be aware of your surroundings. Cars can still easily run you over don’t forget.

 Ride in the bike lanes instead of on the sidewalk whenever possible. Do not ride in road!

• Only one rider per vehicle.

• Resist the urge to stunt ride.
Don’t ride one-handed! So dangerous. No holding a phone or coffee and scooting.

 Do not use headphones, you’ll need to hear all of the traffic.
 Don’t ride when drinking/drunk, or under the effects of drugs.

 Decelerate when going downhill, ride the brakes slow.

 Before using a scooter, check it over. Is it damaged? Everything working? Don’t figure that out at 20km/h.

 Watch out for hazzards like rocks, glass or potholes.

 Don’t ride in the rain.

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Segway Nova Scotia is Nova Scotia’s first and largest Segway Experience Centre. Get ready to smile…