Frequently asked questions

How does it all work?

The following video explains how it all works: Each rider will need to download and setup the HFX e-Scooters app. We recommend you do this in advance.

Can I take my child with me on my scooter?

No. Please no double-riding.

How old do you have to be to rent an e-scooter?

Riders must be 19 years of age or older.

Where can I ride, what are the laws?

Currently in Nova Scotia and Halifax, there are no specific regulations in place for e-scooters. If you ride in pedestrian areas, please SLOW DOWN and yield to pedestrians. If bike lanes are available, you should ride in the bike lane. Stay inside the geo-fence, which is the area in green on the map in the HFX e-Scooters app. If you ride ouside the geo-fence, an alarm will sound and the throttle will be disabled until you get back inside the geo-fence. Currently, e-scooters are not permitted in the Public Gardens, on the Halifax ferries, or on the Macdonald Bridge.

Can I just leave the scooter anywhere when I've finished riding?

We have designated parking locations. These are shown on the map in the HFX e-Scooters app (hit P on lower right corner of the map page). Scooters should be returned to a designated parking location, and parked 'out of the way'. Location Services (on the scooter and on your smartphone) will determine if you are at a designated parking location when you End Trip. If you are not, you will be fined $5.00.

I can't end my ride (End Trip). What do I do?

There can be a number of reasons why you are having trouble ending your ride. This could be a network glitch, a slow/bad internet connection, or an issue with the app (try closing and restarting the HFX e-Scooters app). You must 'End Trip' by hitting the END TRIP button on the App screen and CONFIRM the payment amount. To properly end your ride, you are required to return to a designated parking location. If you are not at a designated parking location, you will be charged a $5.00 fine. If you are having problems ending your trip, and if you are on a 'slow' Wi-Fi network, shut off Wi-Fi and use data on your phone, and make sure you have location services enabled for the HFX e-Scooters App. (You many need to close and restart the app.) If you do not ‘End Trip’ properly, the rental time will max out at 151 minutes.

It's charging me a parking fine, but I'm at a designated parking location.

If you are having 'parking location' issues, and are at a designated parking location, please make sure 'location services' are (always) enabled for the HFX e-Scooters app on your phone, and/or close and restart the app, and try 'End Trip' again. If the battery goes below 10% charge it will End Trip, and if you are not at a designated parking location when the battery dies, you will be charged a $5.00 fine.

I've run out of battery, what do I do?

You can leave the scooter where you ran out of battery (we will find it). Please park it 'out of the way'. For future rides, please ensure you have enough battery to get where you want to go. If the battery goes below 10% charge it will End Trip, and if you are not at a designated parking location when the battery dies, you will be charged a $5.00 fine. The km range displayed when unlocking a scooter is an estimate, and will be less if you use the faster speed modes. Rider weight, hills, and how you ride the scooter will also affect the range.

I've located a scooter, but it's offline. Why is that?

Scooters will take themselves offline, when the batteries are low. The scooter is not available for rent.

Do I have to wear a helmet?

Yes, IT'S THE LAW in Nova Scotia. Helmets are available at no extra charge from our Halifax Waterfront location, during regular business hours.

Do I have to sign a waiver?

The User Agreement (waiver) and Terms of Service are provided in the HFX e-Scooters app, and riders must ACCEPT before renting a scooter.

What days are you open?

We are open all fair-weather days, April 1st thru November 30th. This does not necessarily guarantee that scooters are available. In order to determine if scooters are deployed/charged/available, check the map on the HFX e-Scooters app, and zoom in to a location. If scooters appear on the map, then they are deployed and available.

I feel I've been overcharged for my ride. What do I do?

If you feel you've been overcharged, please call or text the number on the scooter, and provide the following information: - cell number of the phone that unlocked the scooter - date and approximate time of your ride - brief explanation We will review your trip information, and determine a refund.

Can I unlock more than one scooter with my phone?

No. Every rider needs to download the HFX e-Scooters app onto their own smartphone with their own unique cell number. The cell phone number becomes your usernname in the app. Each account requires a bank card or credit card that can do online transactions. You can share the same card with another user.