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Segway® PTs are not classified as motor vehicles but are listed as single-person personal transporters under the Motor Vehicle Act of Nova Scotia and are legal in Nova Scotia.


All riders must read and sign a liability waiver before participating in a Segway® PT tour.


Rider eligibility and restrictions


  • Segway® PTs are not recommended for pregnant women, and therefore Segway Nova Scotia does not permit pregnant people to participate in our tours.

  • Segway® PTs are not approved as medical transportation devices. Therefore riders should not have physical disabilities or cognitive disabilities and must not have health conditions that could deteriorate due to riding.

  • Riders must be 16 years of age or older with a valid drivers license.

  • Riders must wear a helmet, shoes or closed-toe sandals and complete and pass Segway® PT training at the start of their tour.

  • Segway® PTs are standing transportation devices, so you must be able to comfortably stand for the entire duration of your tour (one to three hours).

  • Riders can weigh anywhere from 100-260 lbs (45-118 kg)

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