Segway Nova Scotia offers Segway® Personal Transporter (PT) rentals to qualified businesses and government departments. Whether the need is operational and logistical support, marketing and exhibit differentiation, or to assist those with mobility impairments, the Segway® PT is the perfect tool to improve productivity, efficiency, or to help get your company noticed. 

​All units provided by Segway Nova Scotia are well maintained and are in new or like new condition. All training, technical support and on-site service are provided by our professional staff. Segway Nova Scotia is the only “full service” Segway® PT Centre in Atlantic Canada providing tours, corporate rentals, mobile media marketing, and catering to special events. Delivering excellent customer service and quick response times are of paramount importance to us.

Why Choose a Segway® PT?

Easy to learn, the Segway® PT is a highly adaptable productivity tool for many businesses. Feasibility studies conducted by customers have shown significant productivity gains. It makes workers faster, enabling them to cover more ground in less time. It increases their carrying capacity, reducing the strain of repetitive tasks and the costs of work-related injuries. Because of the way the Segway® PT operates, riders retain the agility needed to maneuver in tight spaces. Companies can forego the use of larger and more cumbersome vehicles and the operational and maintenance costs that go along with them. Persons with certain mobility challenges may find the Segway® PT to be a refreshing alternative for getting around more easily.

Become More Recognizable.

Bring extra visibility to your next advertising campaign or promotion, excitement to your trade show exhibits and added momentum to your special events. Having your personnel mobilized on the Segway® PT at your event empowers you to deliver memorable marketing power and meaningful results anywhere, anytime and in any venue. The Segway® PT's Handlebar Bags and/or Side Cargo Bags can be wrapped with your logo and marketing message. We can come to you with our large Segway@ PT fleet, ready to roll.

Corporate Rental Rates:

• Daily: $125.00

• Daily (July / August): $195.00

Weekly: $400.00

Weekly (July / August): $600.00

Monthly: $900.00

Monthly (July / August): $1,350.00


Customized quotes also available.

For more information, call us at 902-880-6630.

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Segway Nova Scotia is Nova Scotia’s first and largest Segway Experience Centre. Get ready to smile…