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Segway’s® innovative self-balancing technology makes riding feel effortless. With any transportation device, it’s essential to understand how to ride safely and correctly.


  1. Segway® PTs are not recommended for anyone who is pregnant or those with mobility issues.

  2. All riders must be 16 years or older with a valid drivers license.

  3. Riders must participate in training that takes place at the start of their tour time.

  4. Riders must follow all instructions from your tour guide.  

  5. Leave about 3 feet of space between you and other riders and always ride in single file.

  6. Helmets are mandatory.

  7. Handheld devices are not to be used while riding a Segway® PT.

  8. For nighttime tours, try to wear bright and or reflective clothing.

  9. To dismount from the Segway® PT, stand straight up with your handlebar slightly forward. Keep the handlebar forward barely as you step off.

  10. Stop at all crosswalks and intersections. Look for traffic or a walk light before you cross the street.

  11. Avoid obstacles and slippery surfaces that could result in loss of traction or balance.

  12. Move forward by leaning forward and turn by leaning the handlebar left or right.

  13. Never ride over obstacles like curbs, stairs, or branches.

  14. Follow safety alerts when prompted by your Segway® PT.

  15. In certain circumstances, the Segway® PT will tilt upward (push the handlebar back) automatically to reduce your speed or compensate for hills. Do not try to override the speed limiter by leaning forward more. Always ride with a gap between you and the handlebar.

  16. A stick-shake warning implies you are demanding too much power from the Segway® PT, are in danger of falling, or the Segway® PT is not ready to balance you when you try to step on.


Pedestrians & Traffic


  • Per the Motor Vehicle Act of Nova Scotia and Municipality of Halifax by-laws, Segway® PTs must be driven on sidewalks when possible.

  • When a Segway® PT must be operated on a road, the rider is classified as a cyclist and therefore, cyclist rules, laws and regulations apply.

  • Pedestrians always have the right of way.

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