Moving Business Forward


Businesses in today's world need to be nimble, responsive, and productive. Often faced with smaller operating budgets, companies are continuously seeking ways to do more with less.  That's a challenge the Segway® Personal Transporter (PT) is ready to take on! This Business in Focus feature, describes how the Segway® PT improves employee productivity, maneuverability and response time, while taking up less space, less energy, and creating fewer emissions. A Segway® PT can bring many benefits to your organization, including: 

• Multiply Your Force: employees can complete their daily rounds up to three times faster and can do so more frequently when using a Segway® PT versus walking.

Improve Visibility: the Segway® PT's higher platform height affords riders improved sightlines and visibility within their environment. This is especially helpful in industrial settings or crowded pedestrian areas.

Promote Interaction and Awareness: the form factor and overall design of the Segway® PT enables riders to engage with people and situations in a way that's different than anything else. They're more approachable and carry a greater presence.

Improve Response Time and Reduce Fatigue: the Segway® PT allows a rider to get from Point A to Point B more quickly and with less physical exertion. Employees can accomplish more without feeling fatigued at the end of every shift.

Adaptable to the Setting: the Segway® PT is utilized in a variety of corporate and industrial environments and easily transitions from indoor to outdoor settings. Cargo options enable riders to carry essential equipment with them.

Support sustainability initiatives: sustainability policies are becoming more commonplace in corporate environments. Whether your company is seeking to reduce their carbon footprint or to reduce the costs associated with traditional fuel vehicles and their maintenance, the Segway® PT can improve both.


Training & Implementation


A key component to a successful Segway® PT implementation is a thorough training program. Learning to use a Segway® PT is not difficult, but it does require some time and attention to understand what it can truly offer to your organization. These programs provide a product overview, safety information, and use-specific pointers so that you can develop consistent operating procedures.

Business and public safety customers repeatedly tell us how important it is to develop this protocol to ensure that users consistently meet and exceed performance expectations. Segway Nova Scotia provides a product orientation program when your product is delivered. We recommend that you work with our representative to identify your specific training needs. It is strongly suggested you establish a proper program for helping your organization to be self sufficient when adding new riders. To learn more about organizations that are currently using Segway® PTs and their success stories, visit our case studies page. Contact us at 902-880-6630 for more information.

On-site Demo Program


If you feel that the Segway® PT might prove to be beneficial for your organization but aren't sure how well it will perform with your people in your specific situation, then please contact us about conducting an on-site demonstration and field trial. We will deliver a unit to your location, train up to three staff members and leave the unit with you for up to one week to test in your specific business environment. To schedule an appointment please call 902-880-6630.



Segway® PTs are available to try, rent or purchase. Businesses interested in purchasing Segway® PTs can learn more about the different purchasing options available by contacting us. Leasing options may be available for those who qualify.